The Coronavirus crisis has impacted the way we all must live and work.

If you are participating in a virtual MRR challenge, please make sure you check the latest government guidelines for the country you are in before you race as there are new rules on outdoor exercise in many countries.

UK Government Guidelines

WHO Guidelines


Check Government advice first

Before heading out, please check the latest government guidelines on exercising outdoors.

Only participate if it is safe to do so!

Please do not run outside if you or anyone you live with are showing symptoms of COVID-19 as you may need to remain in self-isolation, or if you are in a high risk group. Read the government guidelines here.

Do it indoors

If you’re able to – consider using indoor gym equipment.

Social distancing

If exercising outdoors, ensure you practice social distancing (keeping at least 2 meters away from others at all times). It is vital that we all follow government advice, to help protect the NHS.

Plot an alternative route

Plan an appropriate route away from busy areas such as towns and city centres. Please do not drive to a beauty spot or area away from your home to participate – plot a route starting and finishing at your front door.

Sometimes working out a lapped route can be the best thing to do, as it enables you to leave your water and sports drinks at the start.

Get that data

Make sure you track your progress and get a digital record of your achievement. This way we can easily ratify your virtual race. If you haven’t got a smartwatch, there is no need to worry, your phone’s app store has a number of free apps that can track your progress such as Strava and MapMyRun. If you’re unable to disclose your location, we will also accept photographs of gym equipment, a note signed by a physical training instructor, or a screenshot of a GPS activity summary (not including a map).

Share with us

Interact with the MRR community by sharing pictures or videos from your training or race on social media. You’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.