Run, ride or row through a series of challenges from any outdoor location or gym, anywhere in the world. 

The MRR programme gives soldiers past and presents and extended members of the Army family an exclusive opportunity to participate competitively in virtual challenges (open only to members of the armed forces and their family/friends) and engage remotely in real-life events against thousands of others taking on the real thing.  

Participation can be verified by physical training instructors, photographic evidence of gym equipment, fitness trackers and GPS data. Results can be compared against those of the same age, gender, military rank and location.

You can choose to run, ride or row the distance – with separate leaderboards available for each discipline.

There’s plenty on offer, from virtual races to commemorate D-Day and Armistice Day, to Super Recruit and New Tour Challenges for those new to the military, or embarking on tours overseas looking for a motivational physical challenge with a healthy competitive element.  

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