ABF Soldiers’ Charity know that this is a difficult time for many and would like to reassure you that they are working hard to continue to meet the needs of the Army Family during this pandemic.

The grants programme continues full steam ahead. Towards the end of April, ABF made 67 grants to individuals, spending over £64,000. Some of these grants were for people affected by COVID-19, for example individuals who have lost their income and are now struggling with essential living costs; unlikely to find employment soon. The charity are working hard to ensure that these veterans can live with dignity.

They are also continuing to make substantial grants to other organisations that support the Army Family and have just released over £450,000 to support the important work of the Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS), which deploys welfare officers to provide bespoke care for the Armed Forces community when admitted to hospital or other healthcare pathways. The DMWS has been able to pivot quickly to delivering a remote welfare service and, like them, they remain steadfast to ensure we stand by the Army Family in times of need.

Supporting families throughout the COVID-19 pandemic remains a focus, with an example of how they reallocated summer family outing budget to posting craft boxes for Army families with children to enjoy.

As well as that, ABF Soldiers’ Charity provided a £250,000 grant to the Combat Stress helpine, helping to ensure that veterans battling ill mental health continue to get the support they deserve during the outbreak of COVID-19. You can read that here.

They have also been using some of our small fleet of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity vans to support community efforts around the country, such as delivering PPE and meals on wheels to vulnerable people. Keep an eye on the official Facebook page to see updates about what the charity have been up to.

Every entry into an MRR event includes an automatic donation to the Soldiers’ Charity, helping them to continue their vital work.