Soldiers and members of the military family can participate from any outdoor location, in any gym or on any treadmill – whatever their global location.

Participation can be verified by physical training instructors, photographic evidence of gym equipment, fitness trackers and GPS data.

Results can be compared against those of the same age, gender, military rank and worldwide location.


Submit Your Results

To submit your results for an MRR race, select it below and follow the on-screen instructions. You will need to enter your registration ID (which can be found in the confirmation email you received when signing up), insert your finish time and upload some supporting evidence (a photograph of gym equipment, screenshot from a fitness tracker, link to a GPS activity or a letter of verification from a physical training instructor). 

If you can’t find your registration ID, login to your MyEvents profile here using the email address and password you registered with to retrieve it.

Please note: if the submission deadline has passed you will be unable to submit evidence at the link below.


Official Results

Those who have agreed to share their results can be viewed below.

To toggle between distances at the same race, please select the “Running | Distance” drop down and select your distance: 

2020 Royal Welsh Challenge – Click Here

2020 Super Recruit Challenge (Summer Edition) – Click Here

2020 Super Recruit Challenge (Autumn Edition) – Coming Soon

2020 New Tour Challenge – Click Here

2020 D-Day Race – Click Here

2020 Armistice Memorial Race – Click Here

2019 D-Day Race – Click Here


How Do You Compare?

Wondering how you compare to civilians across the globe?

Average female 5K finish time – 00:33:54

Average male 5K finish time – 00:29:08

Top performing 5K age group (female) – 20-29

Top performing 5K age group (male) – 16-20

Average female 10K finish time – 01:02:44

Average male 10K finish time – 00:59:01

Top performing 10K age group (female) – 30-39

Top performing 10K age group (male) – 20-29

Average female half marathon finish time – 02:19:08

Average male half marathon finish time – 02:02:53

Top performing half marathon age group (female) – 30-39

Top performing half marathon age group (male) – 20-29

Average mile time (based on Strava) – 09:48


Where are the fastest runners based?

Fastest countries: Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain

Slowest countries: Philippines, India, Mexico